The foundation is an autonomous and independent non-profit organization.

As such, it is allowed exclusively to fulfill a socially useful mission that responds to a widely shared need among the population.

The members of its Board of Directors act in their personal capacity to further and protect the Foundation’s aims and intents.

FEI is a participatory foundation, uniting economic, professional, and relational resources and organizing them to achieve its socially useful aim, which is defined in its Statute and cannot be modified.

This legal designation provides the foundation with a concrete possibility to actively contribute to the development of a community of practice that aims toward the common good and is made up by all the parties involved in food education.

Grafico della programmazione, la selezione e la gestione dei progetti
Project planning, selection and management.






The members of the Board of Directors take an active role in the projects’ management with the support of participants.

Choices of medium-term programs are made by the Board of Directors, by resolution.

In order to establish priorities, the Board consults with internal committees assigned to specific themes.



FEI’s Board members and *Founders 


*Evelina Flachi

Secretary General

*Cristiano Sandels Navarro


*Paolo Paganelli


Michela Corsi


Vice President

*Francesco Leonardi


Piero Solci


*Marisa Strozzi