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This Website uses cookies and similar technologies to ensure its correct functioning and improve users’ browsing experience. This page provides information about the use of cookies and similar technologies on this Website, and about how users can manage cookies.

There are various kinds of cookies, some to help perform certain functions and some to help navigate a website more efficiently.

What are cookies in computers?

Cookies are small text files that visited websites send to the user or subscriber’s device (computer, tablet, smartphone, notebook), where they are memorized and then retrieved by those websites on the subsequent visits. They are used to perform computer authentications, monitor sessions and memorize information on websites (without the use of “technical” cookies some operations would be very complex or impossible). Cookies can also be used to monitor browsing preferences and gather data on tastes, habits, and personal choices, enabling the ability to draw up detailed consumer profiles of users.

Source: Garante Privacy (Italian Data Protection Authority)

Types of cookies

We subdivide cookies into the following categories according to their characteristics and use.

  • Technical Cookies (Type 1): These cookies are essential for any website to function properly. They fall into two categories: session cookies (which are destroyed once you quit your browser) and persistent or tracking cookies (which remain for a predetermined amount of time even after you quit your browser).
  • Analysis and Performance Cookies (Type 2): These types of cookies are used to collect information for marketing campaigns about behaviors of anonymous users (such as pages visited, average time spent on the website, where the traffic originated, age, gender, and preferences). Such cookies are sent by third-party domains, for which this Website assumes no responsibility. Disabling these cookies will in no way affect this website’s efficiency.
  • Non-commercial Third-party Cookies (Type 3): An example of these cookies are the social plugins of the most popular social networks, for example Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The presence of such plugins implies that cookies are transmitted to all these third-party websites. Information gathered by third-party websites is managed according to each website’s policy. This Website assumes no responsibility regarding third-party websites. Disabling these cookies will in no way affect this website’s efficiency.
  • Profile and Commercial Third-party Cookies (Type 4):  We use commercial cookies to display the Website’s ads on other websites and/or social platforms. Cookies are provided by third-party websites, for example Google Adwords/Adsense, Facebook ADS, Twitter ADS, etc. The activity of “remarketing or retargeting” made possible by these cookies varies depending on users’ actions while on the Website, for example the topics searched and the pages visualized.

Cookies used by this website

This website uses technical cookies (Type 1) and can also use Type 2, 3 and 4 cookies provided by third-party websites.

Major websites are listed below:

Google Analytics Type 2 cookies

Google+ Type 3 cookies

Google Adwords / AdSense Type 4 cookies

Facebook Types 3 and 4 cookies

Twitter Types 3 and 4 cookies

LinkedIn Types 3 and 4 cookies

Disabling cookies through your browser’s settings.

Listed below are major browsers and the links where users can manage cookies.



Mozilla Firefox


Internet Explorer







In order to visualize an updated list of the cookies used, go to “Developer Tools” in your browser (usually by pressing “F12″) and to the section “cookies.”

This website assumes no responsibility for changes in third-party websites’ links and Terms and Conditions.

For more information go to the Italian Data Protection Authority’s website Garante Privacy

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