Cristiano Sandels Navarro


Since 2002 Sandels Navarro has worked as an adviser and trainer for organizational development, management, and communication, in multidisciplinary projects and activities characterized by strong innovation in terms of market, process, and/or product;

•   2006-2012 Contract professor at Milan’s Università Statale, teaching economic and environmental sustainability of agro-alimentary systems;

•   2007-2008 – Contributed to the flagship projects “Città del Gusto e della Salute” and “Borsa Telematica Agroalimentare” promoting the candidacy of Milan for EXPO 2015;

•   2011 Co-founded the Fondazione Italiana per l’Educazione Alimentare (Food Education Italy, FEI) of which he has been Secretary General since 2011.


From 1988 to 2002 he held various management positions, including managing director, in small and medium-sized multinational companies operating in the sectors of IT (Apple), insurance brokerage, and institutional relations in Italy and abroad, and in the sectors of research, and personnel selection and training.

Sandels Navarro has lived in Stockholm (Sweden) and Naples, where he was born on 26 May1960. He earned a degree in Architecture in Milan, where he has lived since 1984. In addition:

•   earned a Masters in technical and scientific communication (1987) and a second Masters in insurance management of industrial risks (1996) at Milan’s Politecnico;

•   has an in-depth knowledge of innovative technologies and methodologies for communication and sustainability;

•   is fluent in Swedish, English and French.


Actively participates in organizational and scientific committees, including:

•  2011-13 – “Expo per la Scuola”, assembly to coordinate the educational initiatives of Milano EXPO 2015 spa;

•  2009-12 – MIUR’s Scientific Committee “Food & School”;

•  2009-12 – Faculty Council, Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca sugli Alimenti (CIRA) of Milan’s Università Statale;

•  2010-11 – “Verso Expo 2015,” an assembly establishing the guidelines for initiatives on food education, set up by Regione Lombardia, UPL, ANCI Lombardia, USR Lombardia and Società Expo 2015;

•  2008-10 – Scientific Coordination Committee of the Department (Assessorato) of Research, Innovation and Human Capital, Comune di Milano, for the project “Città del Gusto e della Salute - Food Village”;

•  2008-09 –UN Coordination Committee for World Food Day, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.