There are many ways to support our activities

FEI is a participatory foundation that lives on voluntary contributions. It is only through the generosity of its members and supporters that FEI has the possibility of efficiently and incisively furthering food education.

The projects and tools devised with schools and with our supporters give us the opportunity to “do.” To us, doing means helping schools and teachers develop their role as food educators. If you share this objective and help us achieve it in schools, you are already contributing to FEI.

There are many ways to support FEI’s work, with money or in kind.

If you would like to know how we invest our resources get in touch with us and we will disclose how we manage our yearly budget and in which projects we invest the resources we receive from our supporters.

Money donation

Donate to the Foundation. All resources are

Donate to the Foundation

In-kind donation

Choose this option if you would like to help us by offering your time and experience or donating materials.

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