Evelina Flachi holds a degree in Biological Sciences and has been a member of the National Association of Biologists (Ordine Nazionale dei Biologi, ONB) since 1974.

She specialized in Nutrition sciences in 1979 with a research project at the CNR of the University of Milan. She is currently:

  • Professor of Nutrition at Milan’s Università degli Studi
  • Vice President of Food Education Italy (FEI) - Fondazione Italiana per l’Educazione Alimentare 
  • Member and coordinator of the technical scientific committee “Scuola per Expo 2015”

  • Since 2011 she has been a member of:

- Expo Salute

- Expo Agroalimentare

  • Currently a member of SINU (Società Italiana di Nutrizione Umana), ANSISA (Associazione Nazionale Specialisti in Scienza dell’Alimentazione), SISA (Società Italiana di Nutrizione Umana), and AIDAP (Associazione Italiana Disturbi Alimentazione e Peso)
  • Scientific speaker at medical congresses and professor in post-university level training courses
  • 2012-13 – Member of the Scientific Committee “Centro Studi Esva”
  • 2011-13 – Member of the MIUR/Federalimentare shared roundtable for the development of a food education program
  • 2009-12 – Member of the technical-scientific committee “Schools & Food” established by the Italian Ministry of Education (MIUR) to devise the guidelines for food education in Italian schools
  • 2012-13 – For Federalimentare co-planned and co-managed a food education training program aimed at school principals and teachers throughout the country
  • 2011-12 – Dept (Assessorato) of Culture of Regione Lombardia – Member of a work group that planned food education programs 
  • 2010 – Adviser and supervisor for Milano Ristorazione’s food education activities
  • 2008/10 – Department (Assessorato) of Health, Comune di Milano – Planning, coordination and realization of the nutrition program  “Menù di lunga vita” in restaurants, promoted by Epam, Dept. of Health, Agrimercati, Ebtpe.
  • Scientific advisor of marketing and research and development departments in leading national and international food companies
  • A journalist and publicist since 1991, from 1991 through 2010 she was a member of the Board of Milan’s Circolo della Stampa
  • Since 1980 has had contributed columns to various magazines, including F, Natural Style, Confidenze, Cucina Moderna, Ok Salute, Vogue Italia, Leiweb
  • Since 1990 has made regular appearances of TV programs as a scientific adviser and commentator
  • From 2004 has been in the cast of Rai1 program “La Prova del Cuoco,” with a spot on “Nutrition and health”

Recent publications:

  • Mangiare Bene Per Vivere Meglio, Mondadori, Milan 2000
  • Il Pentagone del Benessere. Dalla Pentadieta a un corretto stile di vita, Mondadori, Milano 2006
  • Dimagrire Dormendo (ed. Italian edition), Food Editore, 2007
  • Oggi cucini tu light (with Antonella Clerici), Mondadori, Milan 2007
  • L’Europa in tavola, Ulisse Edizioni, 2009
  • La Dieta Flachi, Rizzoli, Milan 2010

Has been the recipient of numerous prizes and awards from public institutions and private companies