FEI’s Founders and Board Members were all part of the Technical-Scientific Committee on “Food and Schools”, established by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (Ministero per l'Istruzione, l'Università e la Ricerca, MIUR) to devise the framework of values and methodologies needed to add Food Education in the Italian school curriculum.

During its three years of activity, the "Scuola e Cibo" Committee worked with schools throughout the country, involving families and local communities and entities in an on-going, organic program. This allowed MIUR to introduce food education in schools as an interdisciplinary subject of study following specific Guideline (2011)  drawn up with the help of FEI’s Founders and Board Members. 

The foundation Food Education Italy was established to harness this legacy of professional experience and to respond to the need to advance and continue and develop the work begun by the Committee. 

The main protagonist and inspirer of the Committee’s activities was our friend and colleague prof. Ivan Dragoni, in whose memory the Foundation is dedicated.