Memorandum of Understanding between Food Education Italy and ICIF


The Italian Foundation for Food Education and the Italian Culinary Institute For Foreigners (ICIF) have signed an important memorandum of understanding whose provisions include:

  • conceiving and carrying out didactic tools, educational tours and awareness initiatives, in Italy and abroad, underlining the importance of a healthy nutrition, of food and gastronomy, particularly in reference to Mediterranean cuisine and focusing specifically on the elaboration of experiential and educational models;
  • promoting nutrition as a “cultural act” in the school system (teachers, students and families) and in the context of the food industry, of food services for schools, of local administrations and national institutions;
  • underlining the need to respect and safeguard our natural resources, to appreciate artisanal food production, to protect consumers from adulterations and falsifications, and to promote the quality, history and culture of products made in Italy.

As various initiatives are achieved, they will be announced and publicized on the FEI website.